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Update: My computer done got fix'd by this cool old guy who came and replaced my fan. I don't hate dell anymore.

I am on the phone with Dell Technical Support.

I don't like talking to any technical support people. I didn't like working as a technical support person and talking to jackasses like myself, so I moderately understand why Dell Technical Support people suck. And I understand that is a broad generalization and I'm sure that there are many good Dell Technical Support people.

Still. The fan is broken on the laptop. I shouldn't have to call 3 times about it and have you guys "lose" my case each previous time and not allow me to contact the person who took my call to follow up. I shouldn't have to go through the same questions and "run the same tests" and waste time to have you come to the same conclusion multiple times. And um. Bitch bitch moan.

Yay okay they'll send me the new part. Finally. Sheezus. Horray 60 minute phone calls.

I hope you enjoyed this bitch session.

computer action team 10-21-05 22:02
right now i am attending a "braindump" for the computer action team

it is a 4+ lecture hour about computer stuff, but not the interesting computer stuff. eventually (APPARENTLY) there is supposed to be interesting computer stuff. but. not yet. right now they are talking about why people are computer scientists. apparently people code because they love it and not to make any money and that's why open source is so popular and supply of programmers exceeds demand and blah blah blah awesome. i feel like i shouldn't be a computer scientist.

it is dumb

Hello, 10-21-05 21:53
My name is alzar. I'm new to elowel.